The Rare Sunlight

Sun-kissed in winter time

It was not my nature to check the weather forecast every start of the day, but it is now becoming a daily basis where I wish the weather will be as friendly as possible. It’s not that I am not used to the windy and cold weather yet, but maybe coming from a very bright and sunny place kind of makes me underestimate how the sun surely be missed in this gloomy and dark side of the globe, especially in this particular season of the year, winter. This country has changed my mind about the sun. I used to cover up my whole body before I went out on a sunny day in my hometown, but now I am always looking forward to enjoy the sunlight. To all my Swedish friends, now I get it why you guys love the sun so much.

It was the second day of 2017, where I was absolutely thrilled to see the weather forecast says 2 degree Celcius and sunny in Gothenburg, Sweden (I am officially adapted to this kind of temperature now, yay!). It was a perfect day where I could go outside and enjoy the fresh air after being let down by the city’s new year’s eve celebration in Götaplatsen which makes me wanna stay at home the whole day on new year’s day.

A picnic lunch-date

In this beautiful day, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Brännö, a beautiful island just around an hour away from the city center of Gothenburg. We went there by bus 50 from my apartment to Brunnsparken and change to tram number 11 to Saltholmen. In Saltholmen, we waited for around 40 minutes for the ferry which will take us to the island. The forty-minutes wait wasn’t that long since the view was breathtaking already, especially with the sun which happily shines.

In tram 11 to Saltholmen

On 12.00 sharp, ferry number 283 arrived and we hopped on it right away. We had around 15 minutes ferry ride and hopped off in Brännö Rödsten. 

Beautiful wooden houses

We walked around the road and saw some beautiful houses along the way. Mostly they were wooden houses. There was also a museum but it was closed and will be reopened on June 2017. I am most delighted when I see so many little things in the details of the house. I observed that most of the house decoration are maritime and nature-related. Seagulls, ships, sailors, boats, the ocean, were applied in many kinds of decorations such as post boxes, statue, installations, mini sculpture, house numbering, and many more.

In love with this cute details on the door

The sea-inspired postbox is just brilliant!

We continued our walk to and end nearby the waterfront. We found a perfect spot where the water was calm and there is a big rock for us to sit down and enjoy the sun. A day before, I thought about an idea on how to have a date on a budget, so I prepared some quick picnic lunch date for this trip. A tuna salad sandwich and an egg cheese sandwich are the menu for the lunch, with some kiwis for dessert. I spent less than 50 SEK for a super worthy and fulfilling lunch for two!

Yummy lunch date!

We were famished and finished our lunch quickly. Then we took some picture since the weather was perfect. We continued our walk and saw more beautiful wooden houses. We passed by a goat ranch as well. Finally we arrived in the Brännö Rödsten ferry stop just on time when the ferry was approaching the shore. We took a ride back to Gothenburg with an amazing rare sunset view in a cold, cold winter.

Met a super cute dog along the way! This King Charles Spaniel stole my heart in a heartbeat.

Image from my own camera, not from google image :p

And of course, our crazy pic to sum up the happy day.


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