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Indonesian Delicacy Recipe part 2: KLEPON!

Indonesian Delicacy Recipe part 2: KLEPON!
Klepon is an Indonesian dessert made with rice flour, pandan leaf, and brown palm sugar. It is my favorite dessert snack that I usually eat on Sunday morning when I go to the traditional market with my parents! Klepon look like green mochi balls with shredded coconut on the surface. If you know Swedish cakes, klepon look like the hybrid between princesstårta and kokosbollar!

*Fun fact: Klepon is a bite-sized dessert and it explodes with oozing melted brown sugar when you eat it! And, again! This is a vegan recipe where there is no dairy used!

Ingredients for 16 balls:
300gr - glutenous rice flour
100gr - regular rice flour
100gr - all purpose flour
60gr - pandan custard powder
50gr - sugar
100gr - brown palm sugar (if you found the solid one, great! Otherwise, use the regular brown sugar, add a bit of water and heat it up while stirring until it becomes a bit sticky. Remove from heat and let it cool until crystalized/solidified).
Warm water
150gr - drie…
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