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Growing Up with The Delusional Giants

I am writing this blogpost without any specific intention as in : I am not hoping for any kind of sympathy, help, or anything, since now I am doing just fine. I just feel like writing is one of numbers of ways to express and to let go of things. However, as usual, you are always welcome to drop a comment or question if you want to.

Here is a blog about how it feels like to grow up feeling small at most times.

Yes, I am tiny in size. I won't deny the truth that I can still fit in my junior high school uniform last time I tried it during summer break (my fellow Indonesians : what I mean is that legendary plaid Tarakanita uniform hehehe).


If you happen to know me during my childhood until high school, I would guess that you might noticed that other than being tiny, I am different in one other prominent thing : skin.

I am fortunate enough to be healthy at most times, but I have severe allergies on my skin which makes it easily hurt by just insect bites or accidental scratches. Some do…

Four Hours of Anxiety

Quite a while ago I read an article which shows a bit of my feelings which I never had the chance to write or share it in any other form than just a short discussion with my close friends. Growing up in an artsy city of Yogyakarta, I never skipped the past 6 years of my life attending ArtJog and Jogja Art Biennale, two of the biggest art fair in Yogyakarta. I have always been infuriated with the people who go to an art exhibition but take it as a place to get a good selfies of themselves while using the art exhibition as their properties inappropriately - and of course at last it's just for the sake of social climbing purposes through social media recognition. No, I am not against this trend, since I understand that many people are influencing others, using it as a tool to express themselves, and even some are making some money from it, and a lot of them are for a good cause (charity, education, etc). So, basically, recognition on social media is of course needed for those purpos…

Five Cakes in One Week

Hej! This semester has come to an end and summer time is coming! The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster, but finally I have done my last project for this semester and did a fun final presentation with my group mates. Yay! Super duper great experience working with you guys! Thanks Ayako, William, and Gitte!
If you follow me on Path, you'll know that now I have more time to spend for my hobbies : cooking and baking! It was a three-days straight baking each day and my life hasn't been so fulfilling.
But before coming to the nice things, I want to share the struggle of cooking and baking in Sweden (no kidding). 
First, the language barrier. It was super hard at first to be familiar with all of the ingridients name. Well for an easy example, if you are looking for best place to buy chicken in Sweden, look for : Kyckling. But if you are looking for a bike, look for : Cyckling. Well of course you don't want to cook a bike (or do you?), so don't make mistakes (sorry for the …

Food for Comfort

Everybody has their own rainy days and Mondays. But hey! It does not mean that you have to feel gloomy all day. I have always been the girl who has trust in food. Well, in humanity, too. But to food, I say : I DO! People might think I am just a tiny girl who eats a little. Even one of my classmate - Zhang - gave me a nickname "little cat" since I eat so little. I do eat in kids' portion, but I eat good food because I believe that good food equals to good mood.
In this post, I will list 5 dishes that I love for comforting myself on a gloomy day.
5. Hot chocolate and honey glazed donut
This is my obsession since I was still in high-school when the only donut shop in my city was Dunkin Donuts and they always had a promotion for workdays - one donut and iced / hot chocolate for a cheap deal. I always love classic, basic food. That's why I liked honey glazed donut so much. Even though the innovations of donut making have gone wild now (with the sakura mochi donut, burger…

Easy Sweet Snack to Greet Spring Time

Hej!It has been a long time since I posted my last blog. I am most thrilled that this week is the first week of spring, here in Sweden. Although the first day of spring was quite disappointing since it was freezing cold with wind and snow, these past two days have been awesome. The sun was shining bright and I could see little baby flowers on the green patches. I was walking down the street just outside Ullevi with my boyfriend and we were so happy to see yellow flower buds on the pedestrian ways.
The lovely weather in Gothenburg got me feeling a little bit more excited to make sweet munchies than before. That is why today, I baked a simple and easy snack to greet spring time. I call it “Mini Napoleon Puffs”

Ingredients (for 12 Puffs) :3 sheets of Puff pastry 2 tablespoons of Almond 1 egg, whisked Strawberry jam Nutella / chocolate spread 1 banana
Method :1. Preheat oven with 175C, using top and bottom heat. 2. Roll the puff pastry until 2mm thin, cut into 7.5cm x 7.5cm squares. 3. Brush puff p…

The Rare Sunlight

Sun-kissed in winter time
It was not my nature to check the weather forecast every start of the day, but it is now becoming a daily basis where I wish the weather will be as friendly as possible. It’s not that I am not used to the windy and cold weather yet, but maybe coming from a very bright and sunny place kind of makes me underestimate how the sun surely be missed in this gloomy and dark side of the globe, especially in this particular season of the year, winter. This country has changed my mind about the sun. I used to cover up my whole body before I went out on a sunny day in my hometown, but now I am always looking forward to enjoy the sunlight. To all my Swedish friends, now I get it why you guys love the sun so much.
It was the second day of 2017, where I was absolutely thrilled to see the weather forecast says 2 degree Celcius and sunny in Gothenburg, Sweden (I am officially adapted to this kind of temperature now, yay!). It was a perfect day where I could go outside and enjoy…

Mengisi Hari yang Dingin di Gothenburg

Winter sudah mulai di Swedia dan hari ini adalah hari Natal. Di Gothenburg hiasan natal berupa pohon natal dan lampu-lampu indah suah dipasang di mana-mana. Meskipun indah, terkadang cuaca yang dingin dan angin yang menghempas wajah sering membuat mahasiswa di sini jadi malas keluar rumah. Maka dari itu, di hari Natal yang syahdu di Gothenburg yang gloomy ini, saya mengisi hari dengan memasak sesuatu yang manis untuk menghangatkan suasana.

Ini adalah resep Christmas Choco Balls a la saya!
Bahan : Biskuit Marie 1 packBaking Chocolate 1 barSusu kental manis (condensed milk) 1 kalengKayu manis bubuk ½ sendok tehVanilla bubuk / cair ½ sendok tehButter / Smör 150gr

Untuk penyajian : Meses / sprinklesBubuk kakao dicampur dengan gula bubukSugar hearts / Sugar christmas treesCup kertas untuk kue

Cara : Cairkan cokelat dan butter dalam satu mangkuk kecil dengan cara ditim.Hancurkan biscuit marie sampai halus di dalam mangkuk besar (jika memiliki food processor atau blender juga dapat dipakai).Tab…