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The Five Fashion Items I See Everywhere in Gothenburg


Before I start blabbering about random things, I want to say that I am awfuly confused now whether to write this blog in English or Bahasa Indonesia because now that my friends are mostly from around the world, I want you guys to be able to read them too :B *first world problem*

Oh well, let me just try. Please please please forgive me for my just-ok-quality English! :D

The best weather you can get in Gothenburg during my first week of August. Now? --> check my instastory : @titisrk 

So this is actually my first blog since I moved to Gothenburg, Sweden three months ago. Yay! (Forgive me for not posting for too long).

My first impression of the city is this city has a perfect size for me and (-I didn't expect that I would say this but-) the weather is soooo perfect (so far. Please Gothenburg don't be so cold). I am quite happy that people here are friendly and nice. Maybe some people are quite shy, but then when you get to know them, they are really really really nice. Other …