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Food for Comfort


Everybody has their own rainy days and Mondays. But hey! It does not mean that you have to feel gloomy all day. I have always been the girl who has trust in food. Well, in humanity, too. But to food, I say : I DO! People might think I am just a tiny girl who eats a little. Even one of my classmate - Zhang - gave me a nickname "little cat" since I eat so little. I do eat in kids' portion, but I eat good food because I believe that good food equals to good mood.

In this post, I will list 5 dishes that I love for comforting myself on a gloomy day.

5. Hot chocolate and honey glazed donut

pic from :

This is my obsession since I was still in high-school when the only donut shop in my city was Dunkin Donuts and they always had a promotion for workdays - one donut and iced / hot chocolate for a cheap deal. I always love classic, basic food. That's why I liked honey glazed donut so much. Even though the innovations of donut making have gone wild now (with the sakura mochi donut, burger donut, etc), my tastebuds still loves the basic honey glaze. Hot chocolate for comfort? Well, everyone knows why chocolate is good for good mood! (Even though I go to or Krispy Kreme, I always order the same ol' glazed donut).

4. Nasi Pecel Lele

pic from :

This is one of the most common street food cuisine in Indonesia. It consists of warm fluffy rice, fried catfish, fresh raw vegetables (queen basil, cucumber, white cabbage, tomato), and sambal terasi (shrimp chili paste). This is one of Indonesian cuisine that I miss the most since I moved to Sweden. It has been almost a year since the last time I had this for my dinner. In some restaurants, it also served with coconut batter crunch called "kremes" which makes it 5 times better! Oh no, I just drooled even from imagining it. I tried to make similar dish but using dory fish or salmon, but it is just not as close to the deliciousness of catfish.

3. Indomie Goreng / Indomie Rebus

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Basically this is instant noodles - dry and boiled. I am glad that I can find these in Gothenburg (Saigon Food, Hung Fat, ICA). What makes Indomie better than other brands though? Hmm, hard question. It just is! Especially when you serve it with egg (and sometimes rice. It's ridiculous, I know. Carbs + carbs? Bye bye dreams of Gigi's abs!). I can't avoid it though. The rainy and cold weather of Gothenburg always got me like "Ergh, I need Indomie, now". It always succeeds to make a better day.

2. Cream Corn Soup

pic from :

My second mother / aunt / my childhood caretaker always made me cream corn soup with eggdrop and diced chicken fillet whenever I am sick and - like magic - I have no clue how it always helped me regain my health. The secret of her recipe is using fresh corn and fresh ground nutmeg. I often make this soup here in Gothenburg whenever I feel like I am going to be sick. And of course, as an Indonesian, sometimes I eat it with rice (YAAAS!).

1. Sushi

pic from : my own gallery - taken at Ai Sushi, Gothenburg

My love towards sushi started when my mom introduce me to it when I was still in elementary school. There was no sushi restaurant whatsoever in my hometown since I was raised in a small town. My mom's friend went to Japan and got some nori and sushi roller for my mom. She made some rolls only using rice and sausages as the fillings as we didn't have anything else, but I was in love with it from the first bite.

Growing up, my love towards Japanese food grew with me. Even until now, I always love to go to a sushi restaurant once in a while with my boyfriend. Our favorite sushi place so far in Gothenburg is Ai Sushi, Rosenlundsgatan. Even though the types of sushi here is not as many as what I found back in Indonesia, I still enjoy the sushi just as much. My favorite of all time is Salmon Nigiri - both raw and baked, but I like raw more. One thing I missed from my favorite sushi restaurant in Indonesia that I haven't found here in Gothenburg is Chawanmushi - a delicious egg pudding with seafood fillings.

Oh sushi, you never fail to make me happy.

And I can't wait to go to Japan to try the authentic sushi, since I haven't been there. Let's see if I will have the opportunity to go there!

Okay! As a conclusion, you might think that I am a total rice-lover since almost of the food I eat, I eat with rice. But of course I like lots and lots of food even without rice involved. I will make another post about it in the future!

If you have any food you would like me to try or you want to talk about - let me know!

Remember to always have a great time of your life, and when you don't, EAT GOOD FOOD! You'll feel better :)


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