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The Five Fashion Items I See Everywhere in Gothenburg


Before I start blabbering about random things, I want to say that I am awfuly confused now whether to write this blog in English or Bahasa Indonesia because now that my friends are mostly from around the world, I want you guys to be able to read them too :B *first world problem*

Oh well, let me just try. Please please please forgive me for my just-ok-quality English! :D

The best weather you can get in Gothenburg during my first week of August.
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So this is actually my first blog since I moved to Gothenburg, Sweden three months ago. Yay! (Forgive me for not posting for too long).

My first impression of the city is this city has a perfect size for me and (-I didn't expect that I would say this but-) the weather is soooo perfect (so far. Please Gothenburg don't be so cold). I am quite happy that people here are friendly and nice. Maybe some people are quite shy, but then when you get to know them, they are really really really nice. Other important impression is that people are actually very fashionable. I've been to other fashionable cities : Paris, Amsterdam, LA, and New York. People are super fashionable in those cities of course, but in Gothenburg, I would say that people are affordably fashionable. It is so interesting that babies, kids, teenagers, young adults, adults, and even the elderly are mostly smart in mixing outfits. Why affordably fashionable? Well, I might not know which brands are they wearing, but it seems like since Sweden has numbers of affordable fashion shops (H&M, Gina Tricot, Monki, Lindex, etc), people are more brave to experiment with their styles. Of course I found some people dress up with fancy fashion items. To be able to own a flashing Birkin or a pair of striking Manolo might be important to some fashionistas here, but not as many as the ones I found in bigger cities.

It is so captivating when I saw a girl with a blue hair, cleverly put on her overalls with patches over an oversize striped medium-sleeved shirt, a green beanie, donut scarf, and oxford shoes. Even students in my class (yes, you guys!) are super fashionable. I can say that the term "Architects Wear Black" is not a myth. I love how my classmates mix their outfits with monochromatic colors in various sophisticated ways.

"Yes, you my dear child." - he said.

I've been strolling around Gothenburg for some weeks since the end of summer until now (almost 2 weeks of autumn). I've seen some fashion items which are basically EVERYWHERE. Here is the top 5 list of fashion items I see everywhere in Gothenburg, worn by fashionable Gothenburg people.

1. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are everywhere, especially in summer. Now that it is getting colder, not so many people wear leather jackets anymore but still, some people are still wearing it. I have this friend who said "Never zip your leather jacket no matter how cold it is". It does look cooler unzipped.

I think I should add this to the information : people in Gothenburg now are more likely to wear warm waterproof coats for autumn. But for you guys in Indonesia : of course you don't need coats. Leather jackets will still fit you guys in the warm weather of Indo (which I solemnly miss). Basically you can dress it up or down with leather jackets depends on what kind of inner you want to wear. A simple white t-shirt will give a rock and roll chillax mood, while a collar button shirt will make you look smart and cool in a semi-formal way.

2. Marshall Headphones / JBL Headphones

I think there is something to do with spotify that people here listen to music everywhere, everytime. People are using headsets and headphones everywhere, but I find that the most fashionable people in Gothenburg mostly wear Marshall Headphones / JBL headphones as their functional accessories. Well, I do love the design and when I tried it on in Elgiganten, it was oh-my-God-I-love-it good. It's like the next level of goodness in listening to music while looking super cool at the same time.

3. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

I have known this backpack ever since it got hyped in Indonesia but I couldn't understand why does it cost a fortune in my country. Well now that I've seen many of my friends at Chalmers are wearing them as fashion item, it might be the reason why. I personally haven't got the urge to buy this backpack, however, their various colors are so fun that many people would buy and wear it for everyday casual fashionable look.

4. Nike Running Shoes
Well again - this might be a trend in the summer instead of now in autumn. From what I have seen, people looooove wearing running shoes. No matter they are going for an exercise or casual walk, people wear running shoes in chic mode. They don't have to be Nike, but I have seen Nike Roshe and Airmax more than the others.
In this cold cold autumn/winter (not sure what is this season), people love to wear their rainboots or waterproof boots (timbs / palladiums!!) with fashionable tights.

5. Scarves

For you guys who loves scarves, you'll find tons of choices here and i personally love love love those soft cashmere scarves here. Knitted scarves or the furry ones, black and white or full color, you name it! They've got almost everything! My personal favorite is infinity scarves where you put less effort to put it on. But unfortunately I havent found my wish for this winter : a mustard-colored oversized donut knitted infinity scarf (like what this girl has below)

So, that's it for me now! Please leave some comments if you wish :D And please give hype to the people in the lookbook if you have an account :)

Oh yeah, by the way for you who are waiting for my updates about my studies here, I need to breathe for a sec since you know, architecture student life is just.... 


 Vi ses! Xoxo, 



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